New: HFMtalentindex is now also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese


HFMtalentindex was already available in Dutch, English, German and French. For organisations that work extensively at the international level it is handy to be able to switch languages easily. The working language is often English, but for many people it is nice to be able to do the tests and read the reports in their own language. You can also change the language settings in the dashboards with control information.

At the request of some of our clients, it is now also possible to do our tests in Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, HFMtalentindex works together with Shi Bisset & Associates in Shanghai, China. To ensure that participants in China also have access to the tests in their own language, we have also added Chinese to the system.

It is easy to switch between the various languages. A participant can, for example, do all the tests in French and read his own report in French, while his manager can read the same report in English. This is handy for multilingual teams.

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