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Knowing who is versatile, who learns fast and who is therefore ready for the future of your organisation will help you benefit more from talent.

Good insight into the qualities of your employees will help you benefit more from talent. Talent Analytics by HFMtalentindex provides an easy overview of the potential and development opportunities in your workforce.

Knowing who can grow, when and where, will help you benefit more from talent. That only works if you sharply know the current performance and future potential of every employee.

The right selection methods will help you benefit more from talent. HFMtalentindex offers you rapid insight into the competencies, intelligence and motivations of candidates and employees looking to move up in your organisation.

GO Change

Change and development are inextricably entwined. Three new HFMtalentindex products help analyse development and change management and stimulates thinking about the future of work: Learning Agility GO, FutureMe and the Workshop GO Change!

3 tips for HR

HFMtalentindex provides answers to a broad range of questions relating to HR. Some questions occur more frequently than others, however. The quick wins that can easily be achieved with respect to the frequently asked questions are given below.

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Base your business strategy on the qualities of your people.

You will benefit more from talent if you can use a single tool to both assess and nurture qualities, one that allows you to benchmark and direct them. HFMtalentindex allows you to test, give direction to development and give your managers tools for feedback while you gain more insight into the big HR data of your organisation.

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Know your employees' qualities.

Testing their intelligence, motivations, competencies and Learning Agility might seem like a challenging and lengthy operation. Not so: HFMtalentindex gives you very rapid insight into the qualities present in your organisation.

The Potential of Learning Agility

The relationship between Learning Agility and Success. Research Paper by S. Haring, MSc, J. Shankar, MSc and K. Hofkes, MSc.

7 Tips for Talent Management

Seven tips for creating support for talent management. You are no doubt always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to talent management. For many HR managers, however, it is difficult to keep talent management on the agenda as an integral part of the organisation. Seven tips on how you can secure the commitment of the line and senior management are given below.

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