• Complete online selection assessment center in 90 minutes
  • Results for specific competency profiles
  • Complete picture of strengths and weaknesses
  • Including easy-to-use selection queries.


The aim: concrete information on the suitability of your candidate

The Select gives you an immediate and clear answer as to whether a candidate is suitable for a specific job. You test the candidates for qualities that will determine their success in your organisation: competencies, intelligence, learning agility and motivations. The Select presents a complete and objective picture of each candidate’s qualities and underperformance risks. You can immediately weed out unsuitable candidates and set up more focused interviews with potentially suitable candidates.

How it works: by interviewing the right candidates

All the test components in the Select are based on scientific models, so you can rely on the Select to produce accurate and reliable decisions about a candidate’s suitability. The Select provides far more than most test reports, supplying not only useful information about the candidate’s competencies, intelligence and motivations, but also practical questions for the selection interview. The questions are automatically customised to match the candidate’s test results. The Select is a test report and practical interview tool at the same time.

The result: better selection decisions

Using the Select, you know more before the interview than you would ever have learned after the interview without Select. You ask the right questions so that you learn more and make better decisions. All your candidates’ results are automatically incorporated into your People Qualities dashboard, enabling you to monitor the quality of your recruitment.

Select, a component of HFMtalentindex

The Select is a component of HFMtalentindex, the most advanced and easy-to-use online assessment system currently available. HFMtalentindex provides you with scientifically tested, reliable and valid psychological tests that you can use easily and rapidly at any time during the HR process, so you benefit more from talent.